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Little Sydney boy goes rock fishing

I grew up in Eastern Australia in the 1970's and started fishing as a young lad. Living on a National Park, my brothers and I had unfettered access to nature but weren't fortunate enough to live close to a river, lake or ocean; so outings were few and far between.

Fishing and nature have always been an integral part of life and were a must-have when I migrated to British Columbia, Canada, almost 20 years ago. I soon found out angling in the Pacific Northwest is a lot different than coastal Australia! Here, to have any chance of success one needs to embrace new tactics, hardware, baits and fine techniques. Furthermore, factor in river conditions, weather, time of day, different regulations, species, seasonality, time of year, tides, moon cycles blah blah, it's a lot more complicated. 

Like most freshwater anglers, I honed skills targeting fall runs of chinook (kings), coho (silvers), pinks and chum salmon that hit the local waterways of British Columbia. It wasn't easy, there were many days going home empty-handed. For the first few years, I never paid a second glance toward Steelhead. What was this steelhead fish all about? Was it just an overgrown rainbow trout? Why did my fellow anglers hold it in such high reverence and went to obsessive lengths to engage this fish?

The day would come, where I caught one as a bycatch; a modest summer steelhead... and suddenly everything made sense. Something about this fish was different; it was hard fighting, spectacularly acrobatic, and handsomely adorned. A beautiful trophy fish for any proud fisherman!

Fall salmon season now extended into winter steelhead season, persisting through harsh winter conditions of cold, rain, snow and ice, chasing this elusive sportfish. There have been good seasons and poor, but regardless I've loved every time I get out on the water; the steady physical and mental challenges, the adrenalin rush of the hookup, the beauty of the surroundings, the fellowship with other anglers trying to overcome the same challenges.

This journey and experiences are why I created for those of you, like me, hold a special place for this magnificent sport fish. Fishing is part of who you are and it should be on proud display. Share your passion everyday!

Photo credit: Rye Jessen on Unsplash

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